Sunday, September 12, 2010

No photos. But dedicated to my dearest baby.

You are a pig. Haha weird opening. But still you are a pig. You look like one. Sleep like one and eat like one haha

Just wanna say that although you disagree on almost everything I do but still in the end. You let me do what I want. Motorbike license, things i want like clothes you dont like, make up, even the job that i going for now. Really thanks alot. I bet no one else can stand me except you hahaha. And sorry that your girlfriend is such a bitch, keep throwing temper at you and whatsoever. Maybe I'll learn how to control my temper if I really go for this job cause ... ... Hahahaha not going to reveal it. ANYWAY ! just wanna say thanks for tolerating this unreasonable and bad temper girl. And loving her so much. Like a guan yin. Hahahaha. No it's not our anniversary or anything. Just feel like posting it. No I change my mind. This would be last month anniversary gift. :D

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