Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm bored ! So I'm gonna blog :D ate Phins again today. I think I always go and eat for like once a month? After I get pay? Last month my pay last me for 10 days I hope this time round can last longer. -.- anyway I bought the hair dye ! And bleached my hair ! Cool huh should I bleach again next month? So more golden hahaha. Like ah lian? Actually I don't care. So what if I'm ah lian. At least I'm a ah lian not a CHAO ah lian hahahaha


Hair dye or rather bleach used

After ! Woohoo ! Gold leh.

Snow city photos

Snow city. Go one time can alr. Don't waste time and money -.- seriously.

Add ons to my hair band collection teehee.

Bought from mini bits this time round. Much more cheaper than Helen. But Helen one design nicer. Mini bits. Need to find.

Free fan hahaha.

TADA ! Heheheh happy. Gonna buy from Helen next time. Maybe I should be mini bits member also. So next time when I buy cheaper hahaha.

P.s: I'm alr Helen member so yeah :)

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