Tuesday, May 18, 2010

who am i blogging to?

i feel like trying this make up on Thursday. i think i had every cosmetics that this make up needs. the only thing is that whether i know how not -.- and will look nice not. worst still i no time to try it out ! i should try it out maybe on Wednesday night or thursday wake up earlier to do my make up

suddenly 2 huge ! pimple popped out ! is like wtf -.- i need to change my habits of lying my chin on everything that can be lean on. if not i think my chin will have lots of pimple !

sometimes i really dont know whether im blogging to myself or there is really people out there who is reading my blog. if you are reading please click on my ads.

i really really wanna open a blogshop. i just hope my darling will do what he promised so i can open one.

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