Saturday, November 27, 2010

hello !

dear all,

things to know:
- all are pre-order, no instocks available unless it's under the instocks tab.
- waiting time around 2weeks, cannot wait, dont order. dont ask me everyday when stock coming.
- no caps needed
- prices of the lens are stated at the lens home page
- to join mailing list please email to with subject mailing list to receive the first hand information when i get in instocks
- i do meet ups at certain place only. FYI i stay at hougang so please dont tell me go jurong. adult fare very ex. tyvm
- price do not include postage. if not unfair to those doing meet up. i prefer meet up though.
- postage fee is $1 per pair sub pair is $0.50
- FYI i'm gonna list out a few common place i do meet up.:
= hougang mall, kovan, amk, nyp, yck, seragoon, tanjong pagar(if i'm working) all mrt statiogn except nyp of course.

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