Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hi blogger I'm back.

Blogger I love you. You are the best after all. Used wordpress and livejournal before but you are still the best. BUT! Blogger refuse to import my posts from wordpress :( so recent updates is all there ~

Wake up early for two days alr. I'm dying. Good thing tmr can sleep till 4 wahahahaha


See my thumb!!! Fucking manicure that cost $23 that was destroy by me within 2h. Epic fail.

I think the blue eyeshadow damn zai hahaha. But not obvious in pic.

I like this pic but why can't see my face?! I think that's why it's nice.

Totally fail in acting cute -.- a bit too fake hahaha. Because of this job I'm more opening to cute things like clothing and accessories. I guess that's a good thing, rather than studs and cool stuff that baby will say is gothic hahahah.

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