Thursday, September 2, 2010

haunted changi

went out to day with darling but didn't take lots of photos cause we quarreled. -.- ANYWAY watched haunted changi today at tamp mall ( yeah tamp mall again )

i have high expectation on that damn movie in the end?! yeah wtf. i heard at leaast 3 "wtf?!" when the movie end -.- so yeah wtf. why isn't there any NICE HORROR MOVIE NOW?! this damn haunted changi didn't even make me jump ! not even once ! (but got people scream la) k I'm not gonna be so evil. in the middle part towards the end yeah a bit scary (but not enough for me) and some part is true. (that's for you to find what which part) BUT SERIOUSLY THE ENDING SUCKS IM SORRY MAN BUT YEAH IT SUCKS TOTALLY. should have watched vampire sucks -.-

yeah i know. i dont treat you very good. that me. i mean i alr treat you very good and you are alr a exception to alot alot of things but. im not that kind who express everything out. i wont go like:" hey you know today because of you i blah blah blah blah blah blah" no i wont. i dont know how to say also but yeah a lot of things i do i dont say out. And ya i really thanks you alot for doing all these for me. And I know you love me alot. I do too but I'm sorry. I'm not that kind who will say I love you or I moss you everyday and time. Just. Ya you are the best. And yeah I appreciate. And you know just thanks for everything. And. Yeah I love you. Really I do even if I don't say it out. so okay wtf am i typing actually fuck.

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