Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yeah fml knn ! Stupid dumb app that I paid US$2.99 on it crashed ! It fucking crashed ! And my post gone now I'm gonna repost and type everything again like a idiot !

ANYWAY! baby swear I'm gonna go to sleep after this post swear ! ANYWAY! watched the expendables today. Nice. Comedy? Action? Yeah both. It's obviously nice as The main actors are all famous. So it is SUPPOSE to be nice. Wonder how much they made from this movie AFTER deducting the actors salary. Umm.

This fucking app crashed for countless times alr ! When I was posting. You got photo limits is it?! Fuck got then say la ! Waste my time ! Anyway! Add ons: first time I wear something cute? Okay to be exact this dress is my sister one. Hairband is I just bought from Helen. So I worn her dress to match my hairband -.- and she look cute and young in it. So why the fuck I look so mature in it ? Fml

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