Friday, April 9, 2010

Sad :(

Feeling damn sad now :( morning till just now was super excited now ? Hais sad like fuck man. Actually today going dye my hair platinum blonde and be super happy bout it and go out happily tml BUT! mum say after 1 month then dye T.T cause I ytd just dye hair. Give my hair time to recover first :( BUT MY HAIR FEEL SUPER SILKY NOW ! k abit bhb. Anyway hurhur fucking 1 month man ! Feel so upset :( got people sponsore Tammy Tay dye hair why no one sponsore me ? Haha ya I know cause I'm not fucking famous like her _|_

1st may come faster :)

Look at my fucking dark hair
Sadded -.-

- ReneƩ signing off using BlogPress from my iPhone :D

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